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Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

We combine an 'old fashioned', personal approach, with up to date care.


No expensive monthly membership

Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

Why pay c£1000-£1500/year for some local schemes when our appointments are £90.


30 minute appointments, 5 days a week

Experienced, local GPs providing an un-rushed, quality service

30 minute appointments, 5 days a week

15 minutes and 'one problem only' for £65... not at Spa - you'll have time to talk to us.

Covid-19 ( Coronavirus) update


Spa Private Medical is going to try to maintain a service for urgent, non-corona virus illnesses, though this extremely challenging Pandemic. This may be difficult, if staff become ill with the virus themselves and we hope you will be patient and understand that a few simple steps will make life easier and safer for everyone.

1. Since the virus is so contagious even before symptoms occur, social distancing is essential. Keeping human-to-human contacts to a minimum will help reduce transmission and slow the spread of the virus, giving time for the NHS to cope with the more severe cases. Please follow Government decree and stay at home unless your work is deemed 'essential' and limit outings to short trips only.

2. DO NOT ATTEND THE CLINIC if you have symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough or malaise and please self-isolate as the Government are advising. Go online to NHS.UK and only call 111 if your symptoms are severe and you need assistance. If you do attend the clinic, please try to maintain the 2m distance rule in the waiting area, or stay in your cars until the previous patient has left and we will call you in.


3. Telephone consults will be available to book (£40 for 15mins) and all reasonable prescription repeat requests will be fulfilled without the need to attend.

4. We do not offer Covid-19 testing. We do not wish to attract large numbers of potentially infectious people to the clinic. If this changes, we will advise accordingly. NHS testing will help with contact-tracing and also help national statistics. Some private providers have been exploiting the use of these tests and massively over-charging. The tests may also be unreliable.

5. Please wash your hands frequently and encourage those around you to do the same. Cough and sneeze in to tissues and discard. If tissues are not available, then use your elbow crease and not your hands. 

6. Please do not 'Panic-Buy' groceries. Supply chains will be maintained and there is no need for any food shortage, if everyone buys food weekly that they need for their own personal and family use. Please offer to help do shopping for elderly or 'at risk' patient groups, to reduce their need to be exposed to the virus.

Your health and that of your family are the most important things in your life but you are also busy and time is a valuable resource. You can’t always get to see your NHS GP at a time that suits you and often you’ll see a different doctor at each visit. A ten minute appointment can also feel a little rushed.

At Spa Private Medical we aim to provide up to date medical care with traditional doctoring values, but with an unrushed, patient-centred approach that is flexible to your needs. You’ll have time to explain and ask questions and for the doctor to listen, examine and advise.

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