Spa Private Medical: Health Screening & 'MOTs'

Many cancers, as well as heart disease and diabetes are on the increase in the UK. Whilst there remains some controversy within the NHS for certain screening procedures (often for cost reasons), Spa Private Medical believes that such diagnostic checks are of value in specific instances. Early detection of a problem can sometimes prevent its progression and mean speedier treatment. 

Spa Private Medical can offer a thorough 'MOT' health screen, including history-taking, examination and a comprehensive range of tests. We don't provide a glossy brochure which generally states the obvious (drink less alcohol, take more exercise, etc...) but we will go through your results either by email, phone or face to face and make any recommendations to improve your health. Since we have a specially arranged 'package' of tests with a trusted London laboratory (including all the ones listed below) we are able to offer this for £350. We do, however, always advise that you talk to us regarding any specific concerns so that we can tailor any screening procedures to your individual needs and risks and add on more tests as needed (charged as 'add-ons').


Screening tests frequently involve (in order of complexity):

  • Weight, Height, Body Mass Index and waist/hip ratio measurement.
  • Diabetes ‘finger-prick’ test
  • Urine analysis (sent to the lab for biochemical analysis as well as microbiological analysis).
  • Bloods tests for cholesterol, glucose and HbA1c (diabetes), full blood count (anaemia), liver, kidney and thyroid function. Markers of inflammation (CRP & ESR), Uric Acid, Calcium, Vitamin D and for men a PSA and for women a Ca125 (Ovarian cancer marker).
  • Stool analysis for signs of bowel cancer (we use the more reliable 'FIT' tests for occult blood)
  • 10-year Cardiovascular risk calculation with QRISK-2
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Imaging such as XRays, CT and MRI scans (if and when they may be indicated)
  • State of the art Genetic testing for disease risks.