Spa Private Medical: Travel & Childhood Immunisations

Travel Vaccinations

Booking a holiday in the tropics for a last minute break or perhaps a honeymoon, can be as easy as a click or two away, but don't forget that in many tropical holiday destinations there are some disease risks that should be borne in mind. Being prepared before you travel may not just make things easier, but be a life-saver.

Specific travel vaccinations can include Cholera, Hepatitis A, B, Polio, Rabies, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Tick-born and Japanese encephalitis and Yellow Fever. 

Most of these are offered by Spa Private Medical, though at present Tuberculosis and Yellow Fever are not. Doses can vary for adults and children and most vaccines need a course of injections, sometimes up to a year for full, prolonged protection... so plan ahead if you can, though a single dose will give some cover before travel and subsequent doses can be done after your return.


General travel advice, as well as advice on vaccines and malaria tablets can be obtained in a standard 30min consultation and if advised of the destination beforehand, the doctor may order in specific vaccines needed.

Note: Vaccine supply can be notoriously variable & it is always best to plan as far ahead as possible before travel to ensure the best health protection.

Useful Pre Travel Websites


Foreign Office Travel Advice  

Childhood Immunisations

Spa Private Medical offers an extensive range of vaccinations, including ones on the standard UK and US schedules. Most are usually kept in stock, though it is best to check with our receptionists when making a booking.

Check our Vaccine Information and Pricelist here.

For current UK Vaccination advice according to the NHS, see this link.

For current US Vaccination advice according to CDC, see this link.

Spa Private Medical Services does not provide separate Measles, Mumps or Rubella vaccinations.