Tongue-tie division (Frenulotomy)

The following short video is of a 3 day old baby undergoing the tongue-tie division procedure at Spa Private Medical, with Dr Pierini.

Having discussed the procedure, the risks and likely benefits, Dr.Pierini gained written consent from the parents, who also kindly agreed to film the procedure - Mum did the filming as she felt she was better than Dad... who held baby! 

You can see that the whole thing is quick and simple and a lot less stressful than people imagine. Baby felt slight pain, but as soon as the procedure was done (with minimal bleeding, as you can see), Mum stopped filming & sat down to breast feed baby. Baby settled immediately & had a good feed, which was pain-free for mum for the first time !

I hope that this gives a little insight in to what frenulotomy is about and if you need further information, lots can be found by looking at the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners' website.