A Private GP Service for Cheltenham & Surrounding area

Spa Private Medical has an emphasis on preventative medicine and lifestyle advice for both adults and children and caters for both acute and on-going physical and mental health problems, without the time and budget constraints of the NHS. Standard GP appointments are of 30mins duration and cost £90. Payment is generally by card or cash and new patients will be expected to pre-pay by phone for their first appointment.  All fees include VAT. Longer appointments, or where equipment is required (eg some visa medicals, minor operations) may need more time but can be discussed when booking. 

Investigations such as blood tests are charged for separately & cost varies depending on the tests requested. X rays are generally done at the Nuffield Hospital & again, cost will vary depending on requirement, as will more complex tests such as MRI/CT scans etc, though the doctor will usually be able to advise on these. 

GP services are currently provided by Dr Stephen Pierini and Dr Lydia Flaks though we are excited to announce that Dr Anita Somasundram will soon be joining the practice (once the country is post-social isolation!) We also have an experienced, part-time practice nurse; Karen. Appointments are arranged by one of our secretaries who will take details confidentially and advise on the type of appointment required.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Blood and urine testing (a huge range of tests are available)
  • Ear syringing
  • ECG
  • Repeat prescriptions for existing patients (at no cost)
  • Hay fever steroid injections (Kenalog)
  • Genetic testing for disease predisposition
  • Prenatal anomaly testing (Harmony™)
  • Joint injections (Steroid or Synvisc™)
  • Skin prick Allergy testing
  • Sexual Health testing ( including swabs, urine and blood analysis)
  • Vaccinations (Travel and routine childhood injections)
  • Travel Health Advice
  • B12 Injections
  • HGV/PCV and Taxi Medicals
  • Sports participation medicals (non-Elite level)
  • Cervical smears (Dr Flaks)
  • Tongue-Tie division (Frenulotomy - Dr Pierini)
  • Minor skin operations and cryotherapy (removal of cysts, moles, skin tags etc)
  • Coil removal and fitting (Dr Flaks)


We aim to provide prompt appointments - usually within 24hrs -  and at times that suit your lifestyle. Use the Contact Us form for more details. Home visits within the Cheltenham area can sometimes be arranged, if clinic time permits.

The service is now based from a lovely, period building at the top of Pittville, right next to Cheltenham Racecourse. There is ample parking and the atmosphere is relaxed. We have Italian coffee..!

Spa Private Medical has built up an excellent relationship with medical & surgical specialists in the area and beyond, so should you require onward referral for consultations or investigations, we can arrange this  quickly. 

Many of our referrals are to the Nuffield Hospital and the Cobalt Unit has quick access to MRI, CT and ultrasound scanners. Results are usually back in a few days. There is also speedy access to ancillary specialties such as physiotherapists, counsellors, CBT, dietitians and health visitors.

The service is totally confidential and consultations and results need not be relayed to your NHS GP if you would prefer this.