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Spa Private Medical: Genetic Testing


Gene mutations can increase your cancer risk.

We offer state of the art, genetic testing for either a 'Cancer' panel of genes, or a 'cancer Plus' panel supplied by 'Everything Genetic'  - a UK company that uses the US lab 'Color' for gene analysis. Mutations in the genes covered by such tests are not common, but when present they significantly increase the chances of cancer.

For example, a BRCA1 mutation can increase a woman’s chance of breast cancer up to 81% by age 80.

An APC mutation can increase a man or woman’s chances of colorectal cancer up to 70-100% by age 80 without surgical intervention.

Detecting cancer early improves the odds of survival.

The 5-year survival rates for the cancers covered by our Genetic Testing increase dramatically when they are caught at an earlier and more treatable stage.

Knowing your risk can help you take action

All in the genes...

The genetic analysis looks for 30 important genes identified in cancer risk and, if you opt for the 'cancer Plus' test, we look for a further 30 genes which significantly impact on cardiovascular health and also 2 genes that alter the way your body reacts to certain medicines (Pharmacogenomics).

This means that you can get useful, predictive information regarding the risk of developing not only certain common cancers, but also the risk of heart attack, stroke, raised cholesterol, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias.

The testing includes pre-test counselling by a qualified doctor over the phone and, moreover, if any of the genes are detected, then you will also have access to a clinical Geneticist, either by phone or face to face (based at the respected Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester) to discuss the test implications and how to manage the risk.