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Spa Private Medical Services - Private GP Service

Catering for acute medical problems as well as the management of on-going illness. There is emphasis on preventative medicine and lifestyle advice for adults and children.

Spa Private Medical Services aims to provide excellent, patient-centred care without the time and budget constraints of the NHS.

Standard GP appointments are of 30mins duration and cost £80 at Lansdown Lodge and £95 at the Nuffield. Payment is generally by cash or cheque on the day though some (usually non-UK) insurance agencies, will cover the cost of the consultation. Check with your insurers if in doubt. All fees quoted are totals & do not incur any VAT.

Longer medicals (eg some visa medicals) may need more time but can be discussed when booking the appointment. Investigations such as X Rays, blood tests, EGCs are charged for separately; blood tests are done on-site & cost varies depending on the tests requested, X rays are done at the Nuffield Hospital & again, cost will vary depending on requirement, as will more complex tests such as MRI/CT scans etc, though the doctor will usually be able to advise on these.

GP services are provided by Dr Stephen Pierini and appointments are arranged by a secretary who will take details confidentially and advise on the type of appointment required. Dr Pierini has worked in Gloucestershire for over a decade and has built a reputation for providing the highest standards of medical care, whilst retaining qualities such as compassion, an ability to listen and to involve the patient in their care choices.

Some of the services offered:

  • Blood Testing (huge range of tests offered)
  • Ear syringing
  • ECG
  • Prenatal anomaly testing (Harmoni™)
  • Joint injections (Steroid or Synvisc™)
  • ECG
  • Skin prick Allergy testing
  • Sexual Health screening
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Health Advice
  • HGV/PCV and Taxi Medicals

Home Visits

If you would prefer to, or can only be seen at home, then home visits may be arranged, depending on clinic commitments and timings. Within the Cheltenham town boundary, these are charged at £120.

Children under 16 will only be seen in the company of a parent or guardian.

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