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Why is Health Screening important?

It is a stark fact that many cancers are on the increase within the population and the figures suggest that one in three of us will be affected by a cancer of some sort within our lifetimes. Diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are also on the increase in the UK. Whilst there remains some controversy within the NHS for certain screening procedures (usually for cost reasons), Spa Private Medical Services believes that such diagnostic checks are of value in specific instances. Early detection of a problem can sometimes prevent its progression and mean speedier treatment aimed at a cure.

Unlike some providers, Spa Private Medical Services does not advocate ‘blanket’ screening checks as specific packages, but we advise that you talk to the doctor to tailor any screening procedures to your individual needs and risks.

‘Basic’ screening could simply involve some of the procedures below, but often a medical examination will be advisable.

Screening tests frequently involve (in order of complexity):

  • Weight, Height, Body Mass Index and waist/hip ratio measurement.
  • Diabetes ‘finger-prick’ test
  • Urine analysis
  • Bloods tests for cholesterol, glucose (diabetes), full blood count (anaemia), liver, kidney and thyroid function as well as many other specific tests such as for the prostate.
  • Stool analysis for early signs of bowel cancer
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Imaging such as XRays, CT and MRI scans

A very good ‘general Health check’ can be done in a standard 30min consultation at Lansdown Lodge and, if combined with some blood testing and perhaps an ECG (if indicated) this can provide as much information some other providers offer in ‘packages’, but at a fraction of the cost.

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